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April is the cruelest month

Already 36 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq this month, more than in all of March.
I can't be the only one flabbergasted that the Bush administration would even think of invading Iran right now, when we've made such a bloody mess of Iraq and it's only getting bloodier each day.

The news that 36 U.S. soldiers have been killed this month alone should put to final rest any administration claims that things are getting better. While no official numbers are released on how many Iraqis have been killed, Iraq Body Count estimates an average of 36 per day from March 2005 to March 2006.

Remember the White House's old good friend, Ayad Allawi? The former prime minister told Reuters that Iraq has already embarked on the early stages of civil war.

"Three years ago we did not expect things to get this bad," he said. "Iraqis and the international community ... must make extraordinary efforts ... to get Iraq on the path to recovery." Allawi's only half right. It's true that three years ago Bush was already proclaiming victory. But a U.S. intelligence agency study in 2003 predicted the strong possibility of Iraqi civil war, not to mention the many predictions made by groups like Human Rights Watch.

It seems the only humane thing to do, all I for one want to do, is pause, and give these deaths the moments of respect they deserve. But for this administration, there's no time to either mourn these April deaths or those that came before. There's not time to look back on what could have been different and could be different now. After all, it's on to Iran. Condolezza Rice recommends "strong steps." I recommend a looking backward before marching forward.
Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.
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