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It's the principal of the thing

What do you get when you cross two alleged lesbian teenagers and one very disturbed high school principal?
I can't imagine what California Lutheran High School principal (and Reverend) Gregory Bork was thinking when he interrogated two teenagers alone in a windowless room for "hours" because he'd heard a rumor that they were lesbians. He then expelled both girls.

If I had to guess, I'd say he was thinking "I know I'm going to get my ass sued for this but it's worth it to fufill whatever sick fantasy I have in my head." But when Bork spoke to the press, he translated those thoughts into the language of fanaticism, and so it came out like this: "We had no choice but to expel the girls....We have a spiritual and moral obligation to keep our students from sin, and thus, cannot allow anything to cause that to happen." He went on to say their relationship was "unchristian."

It's hard for me to imagine that keeping two girls locked in a room, without allowing them to call their parents or a lawyer, is a christian thing to do, but not being one, I can't say for sure.

Eric Hoffer points out that bearing false witness is actually a sin in itself and that it's the principal setting the bad example here.

Today, a judge in Riverside County seemed to agree, refusing to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the two teenagers.

The plaintiff's attorneys say the two girls want a jury trial. Good for them. They've probably had enough of private windowless rooms.
Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.
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