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Al Gore's 2nd coming

Are you ready for the "new new" Gore?
On the day that Al Gore offered some classic non-denial denials about running for prez in 2008 -- that he's "not planning to be a candidate again," that he hasn't "reached that point” -- I see the cover story from The American Prospect is all about Al. There isn't anything terribly revelatory in the article, more like a gush on Gore's best hits since he left office. But it offered some good reminders about why he's among the more compelling nationally known politicians we have:

"The most important speech of Al Gore’s post–non-presidency was neither well-covered nor particularly dramatic. He delivered it against a plain blue curtain, and when he finished, the applause rippled but never roared. None in attendance, however, would have dared call it boring.

"The address was the keynote for the We Media conference, held at the Associated Press headquarters in New York last October and attended by an audience that included both old media luminaries and new media innovators. In attendance were Tom Curley, president of the AP, Andrew Heyward, president of CBS News, and New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, all leading lights of a media establishment that, five years earlier, had deputized itself judge, jury, and executioner for Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign, spinning each day’s events to portray the stolid, capable vice president as a wild exaggerator, ideological chameleon, and total, unforgivable bore."

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Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.
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