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The heroism of Russ Feingold

...and how the Democratic Party isn't stepping up.
Russ Feingold is an American hero. But other members of the Democratic Party leadership aren't stepping up to the plate... Matt Stoller has all the details, and I'm just going to re-post his blog here.


Today, Russ Feingold Is the Leader of the Democratic Party

Russ Feingold made me proud today. Standing up for the integrity of the American system is what leadership means, and that's what we as Democrats are. At least for today, Russ Feingold is the leader of the Democratic Party. And just for today, want to see who isn't a leader of the party? A hint, the name rhymes with Bella Lugosi.

In contrast to Feingold's bold and powerful statement, Nancy Pelosi's caution last week cost us. Long story short, Rep. Louise Slaughter released a report on the cost of Republican corruption. Leader Pelosi helped her with press and stuck it up on the leader's web page. She then got spooked by Republicans whining about ethics charges and had it taken down. Pelosi, by selling out Louise Slaughter, has created a perverse incentive system that penalizes Democrats who speak out. And then there's also this kind of bullshit that the sad, weak, pathetic little cowards called the GOP put out and institutional media habitually swallows. From Roll Call:
Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.
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