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We finally caught him!

No, it's not bin Laden, but close.
You'll all be relieved to know that our government forces have finally captured Allen Abney. Who is Abney? The 56-year-old former Marine and father of three deserted during the Vietnam War and has been living peacefully in Canada since 1968. He hasn't made any trouble in Canada, so it would seem an odd time to up and arrest him. But, according to Talk Left, arresting Vietnam war deserters is a new army strategy "to prevent the increasing number of unhappy Iraq soldiers from joining the 8,000 who have already deserted."

Doesn't quite seem like it will work. When you're options are going to Iraq, when you have no idea why you're there, or go to Canada, where 38 years later you might be caught, Canada probably looks better and better.

In fact, Bush and Cheney, who managed to dodge if not exactly desert Vietnam, might be thinking the same thing. The only question is: will Canada take in these war-loving, war-dodging, law-breaking criminals?
Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.
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