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Breaking news: Gonzales on dessert

A finger in (almost) every pie...
It's been a busy week for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. In the U.K., he was denying that Guantanamo prisoners have been tortured.
'There is a disagreement about what constitutes cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment,' Gonzales told the BBC. 'The notion that you can't embarrass or insult someone, I would question if that makes sense today.'
Right. No one ever likes the embarrassment of being shackled, beaten, sodomized, or having a feeding tube shoved down their nasal passages. Just makes you want to blush.

And when it comes to the NSA's warrantless wiretaps, Gonzales has made clear that the White House is not interested in pursuing legislation to make the program legit. His legal justification? "There's a general consensus -- quite frankly -- that this is a needed program."

For a lawyer, Gonzales seems remarkably uninterested in the law.

But pie. Now that's a different story. Think Progress directs our attention to Fox News which got to the heart of all the controversy when Steve Doocy asked Gonzales, "if I can ask you a personal question - are you sir, a pie a la mode man, do you prefer ice cream on the top or do you prefer whipped cream?"

Turns out, Gonzales prefers his pie a la mode, admitting, "I’m not a whipped cream fan." Doocy signs off, "Alberto Gonzales, the attorney general of the United States and a confessed pie lover."

We may not get him on torture, but surely there's a special circle of hell reserved for people who refuse whipped topping.

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Onnesha Roychoudhuri is an editorial fellow at AlterNet.