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Celebrating Politics through music

For something more inspiring in today's dark political realities, try Music for America.
When was the last time you thought of politics as something fun, engaging, and inspiring? Let's face it -- daily headlines about mounting deaths in Iraq, domestic spying, broken health care system and sinking economy are overwhelming and depressing and that's not a good state of mind for fighting long-term battles. Where do we find strength and inspiration in these dark days? Try Music for America.

The San Francisco-based group was started by three pissed off, young guys, who were tired of formulaic and boring ways that dominate political discussions and meet-ups. They wanted to leave more inspired, talk about what can be done, have some fun while at it and see other young faces engaged. So, they started throwing their own kind of meet-ups with a little bit more music, positive messages, and discussions that relate distant D.C. Politics to the lives of students, punks, hipsters, hip-hop, or reggae fans. Online, they now have 60,000 members. Offline, they've paired up with over 200 bands and went on 2000 music concerts across the country to register voters and to talk about things young people can relate to and do to make a difference.

This Thursday, March 9, Music for America will throw their biggest party of the year to celebrate 2006 Icon Award winners, such as the outspoken bands Green Day and Death Cab and Cutie among others. If you live in the Bay Area, check out their After Party. Green Day, Moon Zappa, Nate Query from the Decemberists, Boots Riley from the Coup, MFA staff and hundreds of their members and fans will be there to talk about some positive things in politics and listen to some of the most edgy and inspiring music to recharge our spirits.

If you don't live near San Francisco, you can be there online at from 7-10 p.m. PST, as Bob Bringham blogs live from the event.
Kristina Rizga edits WireTap, AlterNet’s youth-oriented section.
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