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What are your core beliefs?

A reader's excercise ...
Jeff and Amanda Courtright are the hosts of Drinking Liberally in Colorado Springs, and we've corresponded a few times. They have a project on the left's core beliefs, and asked me to put in my two cents, which I thought I'd do here. You can throw your own .02 into the comments.

Here's the question:
We all seem to have our own "pet projects," but we, in theory, should have some sort of foundational values that everything else is based on. To this end, I want to try to figure out what these foundational values are for a wide variety of people from politicians (local and national), to bloggers, to Democrats "on the street." So to that end, if you're willing to grant me a few minutes, I would first like to know how you would label yourself (liberal, progressive, Democrat, other) and what beliefs that label leads to in your case. The ultimate goal is to have some sort of database, a one stop shop, for people to find out what we are all about, both on a person by person basis, but also on a underlying, we all believe this, level.
(More info here).

I don't identify myself with a party -- I've voted Dem, Green and independent in the past. I answer to liberal or progressive, without too much concern for the semantic differences.

There are two core beliefs which inform my worldview: I have an almost universalistic sense of morality -- that's the big one -- and I believe that under- or unregulated markets are neither free nor fair.
Joshua Holland is a staff writer at Alternet and a regular contributor to The Gadflyer.
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