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Americans want a gas tax

We're pretty smart, us Americans.
Ok -- so there's a CBS/New York Times poll showing that 55% of Americans are just fine with the idea of having a FEDERAL gas tax, but only if it did "in fact reduce dependence on foreign oil." Interestingly 59% were OK with such a tax if it reduced global warming.

The article that details the results is pretty obscure on the most important issues -- but fortunately you can read the results yourself in the .pdf.

So this sentence (the last in the article):
Like most of those polled, [random guy] opposed a higher gasoline tax unless it were used to develop "new technologies that made the nation somewhat more self-reliant."
"Most," it turns out, is... at present, unknowable, because the .pdf, despite being titled "full poll results" only, contains the answers to five or six questions, starting with #32, jumping right to #66 after. I wouldn't mind seeing the whole thing (anyone have a link to it?)

In other energy news, if you have heard about the idea of Peak Oil and want to read something that will give you a great big picture view of it, may I recommend the text of Rep. Roscoe Bartlett's recent House floor speech. Very nicely done; not wonky at all.
Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.
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