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What do Umar Baziyani and Abu Talha have in common?

They are among the <b>36</b> "top aides" to Zarqawi the U.S. has captured since 2003.
Abu Farouq is the 36th "top aide" of Zarqawi's that the U.S. has caught since '03. What a joke.

Kudos to blogenlust for assembling the list. If you haven't read a piece explaining why there's no way a guy like Zarqawi could be running anything bigger than a domestic household, read this essay.

Also note The Nation's Jon Wiener attended a fundraiser at Arianna's and noted that Howard Dean didn't mention Iraq in his 2006 plan for Democrats to sweep Congress:
"Here's our strategy for 2006," he said. "We need to argue that Bush has failed to get bin Laden; after five years in power, he's failed to stop North Korea's nuclear weapons program; he's failed to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program; and he's failed to provide adequate security for our ports. We need to argue that the Democrats will do a better job protecting the nation than Bush has. We promise that we will kill or capture bin Laden; with the help of China and Russia, we will shut down the North Korean nuclear program; we will prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power; and we will protect our ports."
Who the hell has Dean been talking to? No mention of Iraq in all of this? Pretty weak stuff. But that's what you become when you cash in all your chips for a job in DC.
Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.
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