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Sticking the bad news to Bush

Can the Dems hold Bush and the Republicans accountable, and come up with their own vision for America?
The steady drip of bad news continues to erode Bush's popularity, after a slight recent rise. Recent polls show him above 50% in approval in only 6 states, and Texas is not one of them, while voters in only 9 states overall, mostly with small electoral vote totals in the West, give Bush positive approval ratings. Much of the South disapproves of the Bush presidency, and overall twenty states who voted for Bush, now disapprove of him.

The biggest shocker is Ohio, the state which, accurate vote count or not, catapulted Bush to reelection, where 60% disapprove, versus 37% approve, a whopping 23% differential, putting it ahead of the large differentials in 7 states who voted for Kerry. As Glen Greenwald suggests on Crooks and Liars:
"Apparently, they're not happy that they have no jobs, their kids have no health insurance, their neighbors have been stuck and are being killed in an increasingly unpopular, endless and senseless war in Iraq, and the President is surrounded by cronyism and corruption and thinks he has the power to break the law. But at least gay couples can't get married, so that's good."
So one big question is still outstanding: will issues like gay marriage still trump the Dems in November?
Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.
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