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Candlelight vigils stop illegal wiretapping!

If only.
I admit it's not easy to figure out how to stop all this government law breaking. Armed ressurection feels a little premature and hard to organize at the moment, yet writing letters to an administration that already knows what I think since they've been monitoring my emails and phone calls seems ridiculous.

The Justice Department is conducting an internal investigation into the illegal spying. But this is the same Justice Department, run by chief lackey Alberto Gonzales, that has justiifed torture, approved illegal spying in the first place, and defended it all along.

So forgive me if I'm not so excited about the good folks at Move On's idea of Constitutional Vigils to remind our Congress and President that we have concerns about their trodding on our civil liberties. The Senate today already rejected, on party lines, the idea of an independent, non-partisan wiretapping probe.

It's not that I think a vigil could hurt exactly. And it's certainly not worse than doing nothing, but it seems a President breaking the law deserves something stronger. Oh wait, we already have something put in place for when Presidents break the law. It's called impeachment. Why haven't I heard much of those rumblings lately?
Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.