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Harnessing the media chamber

Liberal newsmakers should break their news through progressive media.
Aside from the fact that doing his interview with Fox News ensured that Cheney wouldn't face any hard questions, what other positive effects for the conservative cause did that have?

I'd say the other winner was that everyone had to tune into Fox News to get ahold of that very desired bit of footage and transcript -- by channeling his statements through a conservative media organ, Cheney aided the standing of that news organ, because a lot more folks than Fox News' traditional audience tuned in to watch it.

For progressives, think of it this way: When Al Gore gave his NSA wiretapping speech, he should have given the audio of it strictly to Democracy Now! or Air America because it would have channeled the inevitable audience through progressive media. Other folks would have picked it up and been force to recognize and credit someone else. Or even small things, like Cindy Sheehan announcing that she wouldn't run in the end against Sen. Diane Feinstein. If she gave that quote to AlterNet, or The Nation, in an exlusive interview, then she would have helped progressive media because a much wider audience had a desire to read about it: The AP story would read "Sheehan told The Nation that she wasn't going to run because..."

So... you progressive newsmakers out there: break your news through us.

Update: Here's a great example. The Mother Jones piece detailing Paul Hackett's "betrayal" is the place where the most compelling info on this story appears. So... everyone is forced to link to Mother Jones including poor old right-wing sympathizer Matt Drudge. And after non-traditional MoJo readers are done reading the story, maybe they'll click on the sidebar: "THIS WEEK: Molly Ivins sticks it to the Democratic Party, Joe Cirincione on Iran, Jonathan Turley on NSA wiretaps, and Roger Hickey on Tom DeLay. Learn More..."
Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.
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