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Confessions of a Howard Stern Censor

How Janet Jackson's nipple changed the history of radio.
Did you notice censored words during this year's Rolling Stone's performance for NFL's halftime show? Lyrics that haven't been bleeped out for half a century. Ever wonder who's pushing those buttons? And who makes those decisions?

Dead Air Dave has been hitting the omnipotent button of the dump machine since 2002. He was in charge of removing all those mischievous words from The Howard Stern Show, as dictated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In this recently published, fascinating interview with him on, he talks about the changes in the censorship of commercial radio in the post-Janet era.

The most absurd outcome seems to be the banning of words like 'piss' while racial slurs continue unabated. On the brighter side, Dear Air seems inspired by the rise of Sattelite Radio.

Dead Air Dave also produced a short documentary about his experiences as the supreme bleeper.

Kristina Rizga edits WireTap, AlterNet’s youth-oriented section.
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