The Mix

I have seen the enemy …

And he is this complete ass:
The United States will always rely on foreign imports of oil to feed its energy needs and should stop trying to become energy independent, a top Exxon Mobil Corp. executive said on Tuesday.
"Realistically, it is simply not feasible in any time period relevant to our discussion today," Exxon Mobil Senior Vice President Stuart McGill said, referring to what he called the "misperception" that the United States can achieve energy independence. […]
The world's largest publicly traded oil company … says hoping to end foreign oil imports is not only a bad idea, but also impossible. […]
Instead of trying to achieve energy independence, importing nations like the U.S. should be promoting energy interdependence, McGill said. [HT to Oliver Willis]
Whaddya want to bet this shmope doesn't have kids fighting in Iraq?
Joshua Holland is a staff writer at Alternet and a regular contributor to The Gadflyer.