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Sometimes a broken record is the only music we've got.
I hate to repeat myself, but I'd hate it even more if Samuel Alito is confirmed to the Supreme Court, illegal searches, detainments, and wiretapping became even more a part of daily life and my daughter was forced to have a child when she grows up.

There's breaking news that John Kerry will lead a filibuster in the Senate, but no word on whether he'll try to go it alone if he doesn't get the support of 41 of his colleagues. So, if any single person reading this has not emailed or called their Senators, demanding that they at least attempt a filibuster, please do so now so my redundancy will not be in vain. (Just click here for phone numbers and addresses.) If even one Senator filibusters, history will at least record that not everyone lay down for the President's imperial agenda.

Nicole Brodeur called the Senate Debate "a nail-biting time for women," but, male or female, this is no time to bite your nails. They'll be plenting of time for biting and wailing later, right now there's still time to call, to write, and to fight.

When you call, please post your Senator's response in the comments section. We've heard from Senators Cantwell, Obama, and Durbin here . No written response from Senators Fienstein or Clinton on whether they'll support a filibuster (they've both said, of course, they'll vote "No" on Alito, but not whether they'll be willing to raise a ruckus). Come on, women. Let the record show who allowed this hostile takeover of our courts.
Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.
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