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Why I now love New Jersey

Oh, just go see it for yourself.
So, I'm slogan obsessed. (See AlterNet's own slogan contest HERE). But even you, who are not as slogan obsessed, have to admit New Jersey's new one is pretty funny.

"New Jersey: Come See for Yourself." It satisfies that perfect slogan requirement in that it makes you want to apply it to just about everything else, even if it doesn't make you want to book a red-eye to the Garden State.

We could start by applying the slogan to other places. "Iraq: Come See for Yourself," for example. Or "North Korea: Come See for Yourself."

Maybe not. Perhaps it works better with ideas.

"Democracy: Come See for Yourself" sounds good, except for how much it would freak out all those anti-immigrant folks. Also, nothing to see here folks, keep walking. Maybe "Democracy: Come Make It For Yourself" is more proactive. But, really, is there such thing as a democracy of one? Our president seems to think so. (Okay, of two. Cheney gets to come along once his foot is feeling better.)

"Wiretapping: Come Listen for Yourself" doesn't quite work. Neither does the slogan work so well applied to other hot-button issues of the day. "The Death Penalty: Come See for Yourself." No comment.

So maybe it's not such a good slogan after all. In fact it fits right in with the new young woman's magazine "For Me." (Unfortunately, the magazine is real, and not only not a joke but missing a single dash of irony.) Do we need another invocation of the great American myth of the nation of lone individuals. The man who, if he want something done right, dammit, does it himself.

"New Jersey: Come See it for Somebody Else." No, it doesn't mean anything either, but I like the sound of it.
Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.
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