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Name that scandal

The administration tries to weasel out of its biggest scandal yet.
It's the holidays and the Bush administration really hopes that everyone will just forget that whole thing about them authorizing spying on citizens without a warrant. (What under the Bush tree? Miles of tape of conversations between ordinary Americans.)

There's a slim chance that this will be the scandal that sinks the administration (yes, those impeachment rumblings are faint, but I hear them) but to do so, it's got to have a name that sticks. I don't like the "gate" names (Plamegate, Monicagate, etc.) because 1) they're overused and 2) they don't fit. Afterall, in Watergate at least Nixon had the decency to pretend he knew nothing about wiretapping. In this case, the President not only admits it, he defends it.

Is it The Spying Scandal, The Snoopathon, The Warentless Wiretapping? Please add your suggestions in the comment area below. After all, a scandal is only as good as its name.
Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.
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