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DURST: Leap Day Let Down

"'Hey, leap day is coming! Leap day is coming!' Then it came. No candy. No presents. No nothing. Not even green beer."
Its leap day. Yea! I guess. The twenty ninth of February. Sixtieth day of the year. As a kid, it seemed almost magical. Like the Brigadoon of Days. Don't know what I expected. "Hey, leap day is coming. Leap day is coming."Then it came. No candy. No presents. No nothing. Not even green beer. I'm still not sure what exactly is the damn deal with this day. Yeah, yeah, I know it only comes once every four years to make up for some sort of astronomical accounting screw up. Kind of like a spacer day. The big time scientists call it an "intercalary day." And today is even rarer because a Century is only a leap year if it is divisible by 400. Which means this is the first leap century since 1600. Fascinating, eh?But then there's that whole women being able to ask men to marry them deal. What the hell is that? In Scotland, Parliament went so far as to pass a law forbidding any man to turn down a proposal lest he be subject to a hefty fine. Talk about your politically correct.In these modern times, of course, you'd need to add another couple of days. One where a man could ask another man to marry him and an equivalent one solely for women. And it would only have to be 17.76 hours long. 74 percent of a normal day.Will Durst thinks women should be paid more than men just for having put up with us for so long.
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