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Ron Silver is an idiot

The West Wing actor has let his role get to his head.
Ron Silver is supposed to be an intelligent actor, with a masters in Chinese studies and some law school experience... and maybe that's why President Bush nominated him to the U.S. Institute of Peace, created after the war in Vietnam to -- you guessed it -- promote peace. Haven't heard of the Institute? Neither had I, but then it would seem to be quite a misnomer, given the obsession with war that characterizes this administration.

So yes, Silver is one of the very few Hollywood actors who is a Republican, but he is supposed to be a smart one. Yet when Deborah Solomon asked him, in Sunday's New York Times Magazine, "What do you have against the Democrats?" Silver replied:
"The Democratic Party is becoming the tool of an extreme domestic leftist insurgency led by the Michael Moores and the Cindy Sheehans and other neoreactionary, neoisolationist Americans."

Say what? Is that the same risk-averse Democratic party that has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to even oppose Bush's Iraq disaster? The same party with a gaggle of presidential candidates like Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, and Hillary Clinton et. al., who are all supporting the Iraq adventure.

It is hard to fathom Silver's thinking. He sounds like a propaganda machine. Maybe the role he plays on The West Wing -- a former Democrat who becomes a hard core Republican operative -- is just what Silver has become in real life. Instead of thinking.
Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.
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