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What inspired Gary Hart to jump on John Kerry's creaking bandwagon?
Gary Hart sent me an e-mail this morning. Actually it was from [email protected], but it had Hart's signature at the bottom. I wasn't a fan of its contents.

"When I first read John Kerry's October speech on Iraq, I knew it was a turning point. He spoke with the same unwavering voice -- truth speaking to power -- as he did when I first heard him speak out about the war in Vietnam in 1971. John Kerry got it right last month when he said, 'Asking tough questions isn't pessimism; it's patriotism' and then answered those questions by offering a detailed plan to get the troops home."

Why would Hart smear himself with Kerry's lame Iraq politics? Maybe it was that Kerry's e-mail list is somewhere around three million. It's understandable that a politician would want to tap that. But there's no excuse for saying peverse pep-talk nonsense, like this:

"When John Kerry called for accelerated training of Iraqi troops, greater international involvement, and improved reconstruction efforts, you amplified his voice."


"...I am confident about what the community is sure to accomplish in the future."

Does it get any less authentic than that? What's the point of sounding like a jaded, Vicodin-addicted high school principle at commencement? Hart comes off as insincere about exiting Iraq, which totally collapses the point of his missive.
Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.
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