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Bombing Al-Jazeera?

Yeah. We've been there, done that, three times already.
Tom Regan in the Christian Science Monitor recently published an extensive posting about press accounts of the secret British memo that records George Bush as having spoken with Tony Blair about bombing Al-Jazeera's HQ in Qatar.

There's all kinds of silly denial going on, that Bush was joking, or that he didn't even say it. As Mark Ames explained in a piece for AlterNet, truth is that, yeah, we've bombed three Al-Jazeera bureaus: Kabul, Baghdad, and Basra. We've arrested, tortured, or killed numerous Al-Jazeera reporters as well. And we threw the whole news service out of Iraq.

Does the Pentagon consider the media as an instrument of war? Nah.

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Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.