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Intelligent design knocked out

One less nutty school board to worry about.
Will the eight incumbent school board members in Dover, Pennsylvania who introduced an Intelligent Design curriculum thank God for being swept out by voters in favor of those who believe in evolution?

Certainly it's a good sign to see a refutation of I.D. at the local level. Maybe the science majority will speak up.

And it's great that the Smithsonian is doing a balls-out Darwin exhibition at the Museum of Natural History. I wonder if there'll be a nook or placard for "alternative views" set aside.

Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone piece from this month makes an powerful call for decision time:
But ID is also revealing itself here in Pennsylvania in another form. It's having a coming-out party as a deliberate satirical echo of the great liberal lie of the modern age: the idea that progressive science and religion can coexist.
For a century or so since Nietzsche, popular culture in the West has operated according to an uneasy truce, in which God both is and is not dead. We teach our children the evidence-based materialism of science and tell them they can believe in God and a faith-based morality in their spare time if they like.
And in some parts of the country, we celebrate Scopes as a victory over ignorance, while still insisting that we do not also celebrate it as a victory over religion. What these endless Scopes sequels tell us is that somewhere many years from now we're going to hit a fork in the road, beyond which this have-it-both-ways philosophy isn't going to fly anymore. Is God dead, or isn't he? Are we believers, or not? They know what we think. They just want us to come out and say it.
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