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Abercrombie & Bitch

Sorry, I had to do it -- it rhymed.
OK, so this happened on Friday, which is friggin ancient in blogosphere terms.

But it's still worth noting: heinous clothing manufacturer Abercrombie & Fitch finally pulled its offensive line of young women's t-shirts -- bearing slogans such as "I'm too pretty to do math," "Who needs a brain when you have these?" and "No money, no car, no chance" -- off the shelves.

The company's decision to stop pushing sexist, soul-crushing slogans on cutesy-wutesy "baby tees" (oh, and don't get me started on the "baby tee" B.S.) followed a steady stream of bad press, bothered bloggers and cranky customers.

But the cool thing about this story isn't that the publicity-fiendin' company stopped selling its stupid t-shirts -- it's that their decision stemmed, in part, from a girl-cott initiated by a group of pissed-off Pennsylvanians called the Allegheny County (Pa.) Girls.

The mostly-teenage ladies started their anti-Abercrombie campaign a few weeks back, then took it to the streets (or the TV, rather) with an appearance on the "Today" show last week.

Yay for young women standing up for themselves and demanding change.

Yeeeeeeeesssssss, I know Abercrombie ain't the world --but it's something, right? And yeeeeeeessssssss, I also realize that all this controversy is just part of the shit brand's marketing scheme -- their M.O., if you will. But that doesn't mean it can't piss me off, yah?
Laura Barcella is an Associate Editor at AlterNet.
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