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Not Nixon, No GOP breakdown!

Conservative crackup? Schafly and <i>The American Spectator</i> say not to worry.
Despite the headline that tells me Bush is not Nixon, the text of this American Spectator article pretty much says the GOP is in the pits as eagerly as any Daily Kos diary:
With perennial whipping boy Tom DeLay possibly on his way to the woodshed, Dr. Bill Frist's finances under examination, and good soldier Harriet Miers taking friendly fire, liberal hopes are at a new high. But the real cause for jubilation is the anticipation that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's probe into the Valerie Plame affair will lead right up to the doorsteps of Bush puppet-masters Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.
Phylis Schafly does the same focusing on Harriet Miers, but you'll need your Ovaltine decoder ring:
The Old Right is angry about the Bush Administration's failure to do anything at all about the invasion of illegal aliens. The neocons, who want more troops in Iraq not fewer, more spending on war not less, and more passion for empire not talk of timetables for withdrawal, are despondent about Bush's failure to fulfill their neo-Wilsonian dreams of forcing democracy on the Middle East.
The old-fashioned fiscal conservatives who cherish smaller government are in open revolt about Bush's gigantic spending binges. Bush did stick with the supply-siders, who believe that cuts in tax rates are the basis of a sound economy, but they are already worrying that Bush II will repeat Bush I's memorable tax betrayal and allow the reductions to expire....
My crystal ball reveals a very different vision of the future. The Harriet Miers nomination is not the "final" anything; it is the springboard to a revitalized conservative movement.
Nor is disaffection about the Harriet Miers nomination limited to religious conservatives, some of whom still trust the President. Every one of the disparate factions in the conservative movement feels betrayed by the President who led his voters to believe he would appoint a justice like Scalia or Thomas.
GOP crisis? Nah. See, these guys are saying there isn't one. Schafly tells us that if anything, the Miers nomination is "the springboard to a revitalized conservative movement."

More springboards, please.
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