The Mix

Tim Robbins is Embedded in the Back Room

A chat with the actor/director/producer at his new bar in New York about difficulties distributing his film, "Embedded."
While wandering around the Lower East Side of Manhattan this past weekend, I stumbled upon a crowd outside a new bar owned by Tim Robbins, hockey player Mark Messier and others. Much like its predecessor, The Back Room is 'hidden' by a walk through the winding back stairway, and evokes the feeling of a Prohibition speakeasy. The main difference between the two, according to some in attendance, were the mixed drinks being served in teacups and beer bottles served in paper bags.

Lo and behold, though, there was Robbins behind the bar slinging drinks and chatting with customers. I had a moment to speak with him, and he told me about some recent difficulties with the release of the DVD of his film, "Embedded." It's a live taping of the play Robbins wrote and directed, and it captures the vibrancy of the live show. (See my review of the play itself here.)

Robbins is frustrated with the challenge of getting an independent film well distributed, including getting the movie stocked by one of the country's largest video rental chains, Blockbuster. Let's all encourage them to stock the film by contacting them today -- you can also buy your own copy of the film directly from Robbins' production company here.
Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.