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One of the world's worst companies tries its hand at faux Asian pride.
From the so-disturbing-it's-kinda-funny files, check out McDonald's latest attempt at race-based marketing.

They've already attempted to buy out the Caucasian and African-American markets (with uniquely stupid and offensive ad campaigns for all) -- now, apparently, it's time to move on to the Asian-American set.

Yep, you're seeing that URL correctly -- it reads ""

Mm hmm, McDonald's seems to have purchased said web space with the sole purpose of co-opting yet another culture -- making the rest of us feel dirty in the face of such shameless, yet futile, attempts at hipness. (That funkified McDonald's theme song! The smiling Asian models frolicking in the sand, gettin' crazy [er, sticking their feet out of car windows], hangin' on the sidewalk, fries and milkshakes in hand!).

My favorite part of the "I Am Asian" site? The overfed pug wearing MickyD's "I am Asian" t-shirt, of course!

Um, wtf does the pug have to do with anything? I love dogs -- but not when they're made to dress up in ugly t-shirts bearing McDonald's-brand faux Asian pride (tm). Oh, that poor fat pug… being forced to shill for one of the greediest, cruelest, most wasteful companies on the planet (McDonald's is the world's largest user of beef, killing hundreds of thousands of cows each year).

I'm not Asian...But I, for one, would like to be counted out of your inane marketing schemes, Micky-Don'
Laura Barcella is an Associate Editor at AlterNet.
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