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UPDATE: Does Roberts wash his hands?

Two seemingly unrelated news items that, taken together, should make us very afraid.
News Item One: Researchers have just discovered that men don't wash their hands as much as women. How do they know this? Remember the last time you used a public restroom and you thought someone was looking at you funny? Well, he was. It was the secret team of over 500 people sent out to observe whether or not people were washing their hands. Apparently, only about 75 percent of men do, compared to over 90 percent of women.

News Item Two: John Roberts nomination to be Supreme Court Chief Justice sails through the Judiciary Committeee (13-5), with three Democrats voting "their hopes not their fears" and supporting the nomination. Funny that these three guys decided to place their bets with an administration where fear has won out over hope every time. Now comes the unclimactic full Senate vote, in which we get to see how many Democrats roll over.

One of the biggest questions during the Judiciary Committee hearing was whether Roberts was expressing his own opinions or merely those of his bosses when he wrote memos calling undocumented immigrants "illegal amigos" and dismissing the "purported gender gap."

Now that he's going to be the most powerful judge in the country for the rest of his life will Roberts wash his hands of the disrespect for women, immigrants, and people of color that he showed when he was doing the Reagan administration's dirty work?

I'm going with my fear over my hope on this one.
Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.
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