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Other people's property

Or other people's salaries, rather. Come on, you know you're curious.
I don't live in New York anymore, but sometimes I still feel like I do. Like a red wine stain, there's something about NYC that's impossible to fully remove -- no matter how far you flee, you always feel tied to the life you left behind. It's like a rubber band, or one of those hair elastic things that girls -- myself included -- always wear around their wrists. Stretch it as far as you want, but it'll always snap back to where it started.

Anyway, sometimes I desperately miss living there. But not today, because I just read New York magazine's seriously-scary NYC salary report.

Take a guess how much Anna Wintour, EIC of glam glossy Vogue magazine, makes for a living. Just take a guess!

OK, you're not too far off -- it's 2 million. She makes TWO MILLION DOLLARS. And her assistant -- who probably works 92 times as hard as Wintour, while gaining none of the glory -- rakes in a comparatively paltry 40k. Oof.

And those figures are just the tip of the iceberg, my friend. The Onion's associate editor, Maria Schneider, makes less than anyone I've ever known in New York: a ridiculously unliveable 17.5k.

Woman about town, Sex and the City star and former GAP spokesmodel Sarah Jessica Parker makes a whoppppppppppping $38 million. Egads!

And those ever-insipid-and-annoying TV hosts we love to hate, Regis and Kelly Ripa? Regis is reeling in the big bucks -- $20 million -- while his perky partner, Ms. Ripa, only gets $7 mil for her services. Wtf? Hello sexism! If I were her, I'd be pissed.

Even dead people are getting rich rich rich (richer than Kelly Ripa or Maria Schneider, anyway) -- dead art star Andy Warhol makes a hefty $16,226,741 per year. Too bad he's not around to spend it.
Laura Barcella is an Associate Editor at AlterNet.