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25 ways to say nothing at all

Don't be fooled by John Robert's bland exterior. Only an evil genius could think of so many ways to say so little.
Repeat after me, bland=bad. Nice=evil. Just because he has good skin, cute children, and can dodge questions with the best of them, does not mean John Roberts will be a nice Supreme Court Chief Justice (not nice for people of color or women or gay people, anyway). Remember that most people voted for Bush not because of his politics but because he seemed like a nice guy, a straight-shooter so to speak, even if the only thing he was shooting off was his...oh never mind.

But let bygones (even huge election mistakes) be bygones and move on to the problem at hand, the next Supreme Court Chief Justice of the United States. Perhaps you haven't been watching very carefully (and by the little attention the hearings have been getting in the media, I'm not surprised if you haven't been), but really, for anyone looking for an excuse not to answer anything, it's worth taking lessons from John Roberts, the master.

Think Progress has developed this list of 25 ways John Roberts has refused to answer a question so far. Here are a few of my favorites, feel free to add.

15. “I think nominees have to draw the line where they’re comfortable.”

17. “I’d have to consider all those before reaching a conclusion in any of those particular areas.”

18. “And so that’s an area that I do not feel it appropriate for me to comment on.”

19. “Well, again — and of course, without getting into the particulars…”

Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.
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