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DURST: Starr Gazing

As a public service, I watched the Impeachment hearings so that you didn't have to. And I got to be honest here. You owe me money. Oh, it was riveting television. A lot like listening to golf on the radio in Mandarin. Like watching varnish harden on a closet baseboard by a ten watt light bulb. I don't mean to say Kenneth Starr was boring but his own staff was nodding off behind him. He has to be the whitest human on the face of the planet. Beyond white. He's translucent. A man to whom the term "pasty" is but a dream. Envious of diaphanous. And it's an absolute wonder how he's able to be so incredibly patient with us. Because we are so stupid. Don't we get it? My God, it's like trying to explain quantum physics to a rabbit hutch. Not only did the man lie, but then he lied about lying. Yeah, sure, maybe his staff intimidated Monica Lewinsky by a threat of 27 years in jail if she tried to talk to her lawyer. He was just following normal prosecutorial procedure. And sure, he can't remember a lot of stuff. So what? Didn't Clinton use the same ruse? And don't give me that birds of a feather crap, there's a big difference between the two of them. It's so obvious. Starr is on the side of right.Will Durst is looking forward to hours more of this scintillating viewing.
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