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Will the gloves come off?

Will Bill O'Reilly <i>ever</i> allow arch-nemesis Robert Greenwald to kick his butt on live TV?
The smart folks over at News Hounds ("we watch Fox so you don't have to") expound today on Schmucky McSchmuckerson (aka Bill O'Reilly)'s refusal to bring filmmaker Robert Greenwald onto his show, "The O'Reilly Factor."

Greenwald -- who directed the divine film Outfoxed and will soon release anti-WalMart doc "The High Cost of Low Price" -- has been challenging O'Reilly to a live debate since Outfoxed's debut. Alas, Bill-the-Bush-schill won't give in.

The fight was recently bumped to a whole 'nother level, according to News Hounds, "after O'Reilly lumped Greenwald in with Islamic suicide bombers…and believers in the Third Reich." DOH.

Greenwald, who is Jewish, took offense at O'Reilly's ridiculous comments, and is now imploring the mean-spirited anchor to debate him the good old-fashioned way: live on TV, but minus the name-calling.

But O'Reilly's Fox people won't budge -- according to News Hounds, a spokesperson retorts: "Why would we book a has-been like Robert Greenwald on cable's highest-rated program? We wish him well on his road to extinction."

May the best man (cough, Greenwald, cough) win -- if we ever see these two get in the damned ring.
Laura Barcella is an Associate Editor at AlterNet.
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