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Where Your Mouth Is #3: Ownership Society

In this edition of our exclusive podcast: pink ribbons, asian vegetables, shareholder activism and buying the blogosphere.
In this edition of AlterNet's exclusive podcast, host Jaclyn Friedman takes a long hard look at what else Bush's Social Security privatization boondoggle doublespeak catchphrase might mean. This week, she takes on the "Ownership Society."

Included in this month's episode, we learn:
  • How companies that market their products with pink ribbons may be causing as much harm to the fight against breast cancer than good;
  • how activists are using a difficult and obscure Asian vegetable, the bitter melon in a battle against gentrification in one Boston neighborhood;
  • and how shareholders have used a different kind of activist tactic to win big victories in corporate responsibility.

Plus, an interview with Six Feet Under's head writer Jill Soloway, who writes about sex, consent and the hazards of being the sidekick in her new memoir, and an interview with the man who wants to buy the blogosphere.

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Jaclyn Friedman is a writer, poet and activist based in Boston. She produces Where Your Mouth Is, a monthly podcast, exclusively for AlterNet.