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DURST: Desert Storm II: This Time... It's Personal

"Desert Storm II. This time... it's personal." They had logos and a theme song. It was like watching a playoff game. "You're looking live at Baghdad, Iraq where the perennial favorites, the USA are taking on the upset minded hordes of Hussein." I kept expecting John Madden to show up with his video chalkstick. "There's the coin toss, and Saddam elects to receive... and receive... and receive." Fourth largest army in the world hunh? My only guess is there must be a big drop off between numbers three and four. Talk about surreal. Watching live coverage of a surprise attack. At one point, Bernie Shaw asked Christiane Amanpour what the smoke smelled like and she said, "smells like smoke." Republicans cried Clinton picked a critical time to bomb Iraq. Yeah,since January 21st, name a non critical time in the Clinton administration. What did everybody think those two Carrier groups were doing lurking in the Gulf? Practicing wind sprints? Rescuing oil encrusted terns? Republicans reacted like third graders whose field trip to Candyland was postponed. "But I wanted to impeach him today! Who died and made him President?" Unh, Bob Dole. The only true non believers were Trent Lott, the Chinese, the French and the Russians. I don't know about Trent, but the reason for the reluctance on those other guys was pretty obvious. Saddam owes them money.And for his undying support, Bill Clinton and Will Durst owe Saddam money.
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