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Keeping quiet

I'm keeping my thoughts to myself for the next month. Here's hoping a few politicians will learn from my example.
For the next month, I'll be away from electricity, telephones, Internet, and every other modern form of communication. If I want to share my thoughts with anyone, I'll have to yell them from a mountain top and hope they reverberate. Perhaps politicians, say top Presidential advisors who leak the names of undercover agents and put their lives in danger, could learn to be similarly incommunicado, or at least not try to repeat the same lies over and over again. I think my favorite headline of the whole affair so far is from the paper China Daily: "Bush's Trusted Man Rove Talks Too Much."

Of course, being away from radio, newspaper, television, and Internet means I won't be getting any news either. In this case, no news is probably bad news. Whenever I go on vacation, things happen. In 1991, Gorbachev was kidnapped while I was swimming in a waterfall. A few years later, Jerry Garcia died. (No, I'm not a Deadhead, but still it was a big deal.)

This year, I'm looking at the range of options, from best case scenarios -- Karl Rove is fired; the gates of Guantanamo are opened and the detainnees come staggering out into the sunlight -- to the worst --more bombings everywhere; Janice Brown is appointed to the Supreme Court -- to the most likely -- more bombing in Iraq; Rove stays; someone named Michael is nominated to the Supreme Court and is still in fillibuster limbo when I return.

But even if I return to a world at least as insane as when I left it, my self-imposed exile will do me some good. See you when I return and, I know it's asking a lot, but please do what you can to get Rove fired while I'm gone.
Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.
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