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The modern world is “pulsing with sex.” But Christians see a different reality. “Like, The Matrix,” a young Christian adds.
The modern world is “pulsing with sex.” But Christians see a different reality. “Like, The Matrix,” a young Christian says.

Feminists! According to the growing abstinence movement among young Christians, your "sexual revolution" has contributed to the booming pornography industry. Luckily, the religious right is fighting hard to stop it.

Y Pulse -- an excellent daily commentary website by Anastasia Goodstein about Generation Y -- pointed out a fascinating article in Rolling Stone called "The Young and the Sexless."

These young Christians virgins may look like typical hipsters -- many wear hot, revealing clothes, talk about sex incessantly in church, among friends and during book discussions, but for them sex is a "communion" meant to happen strictly in a marriage.

Through rare portraits, interviews and political context, author Jeff Sharlet builds yet another example of how conservatives and the Christian right have steadily reinvented themselves by co-opting the language of the left -- in this case, the sexual revolution.

They succeeded in framing abstinence as countercultural, a kind of rebellion against materialism, consumerism and the idea that anything can be bought and sold.

Feminists are seen as the root cause for this growing "backlash" movement. Feminists even get credited for transforming the churches of America by assaulting Christian man.

"Christianity, as it currently exists, has done some terrible things to men," writes John Eldredge, the author of a best-selling manhood guide called Wild at Heart. He thinks that church life in America has pacified Christian men and made them weak. Women who are frustrated with their girlie-man husbands and boyfriends seize power, and the men retreat to the safe haven of porn instead of whipping the ladies back into line. What women really want, he says, "is to be fought for." And men, he claims, are "hard-wired" by God for battle; Jesus wants them to be warriors in the vein of Braveheart and Gladiator.”
Kristina Rizga is an associate editor at AlterNet. She edits WireTap—AlterNet’s youth-oriented section.
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