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Where Your Mouth Is #2: The Mainstream

In this episode of Where Your Mouth Is, Jaclyn Friedman examines just what is this elusive American mainstream, and does anyone actually identify with it?
What do a renowned civil rights lawyer, a midwestern Wiccan, and a Cingular Wireless plan have in common? Why, they're all bound up with the American mainstream, of course! But what is this strange neverland we call the mainstream?

To find out, we visit a Target parking lot, follow corporate commands to their logical conclusions, and chat with Professor Margaret Burnham about who's really stopping up the "legal mainstream." Plus the story of an Indiana family whose religion just didn't cut the mainstream mustard for one judge, and a dispatch from outside the gender mainstream by writer and teacher Toni Amato.

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Jaclyn Friedman is a writer, poet and activist based in Boston. She produces Where Your Mouth Is, a biweekly podcast, exclusively for AlterNet.