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"Whimpering Tom" Delay

Poor ol' Tom DeLay. Well, he's not really poor, but Tom is feeling poorly these days.
DeLay is an enormously powerful politico--he's the de facto boss of Congress, controls tens of millions of dollars to advance his far-right-wing poltical agenda, directs hordes of corporate lobbyists, and is the legislative point man for the rich leaders of the Christian extremist movement. Yet, powerful as he is, Tom says that he's really a martyr, a victim of a vast liberal conspiracy that's out to get him because he's a Christian visionary sent by God to set America right.

As he recently blathered to a right-wing group: "This is exactly the issue that's going on in America ... attacks against the conservative movement, against me. ... That whole syndicate that they have going on right now is for one purpose and one purpose only and that's to destroy the conservative movement. I mean, they, they, this is a huge nationwide concerted effort to destroy everything we believe in."

What a solipsistic whiner! DeLay is renown as a vindictive, vituperative, nasty, brutish political boss--but now we learn that he's also a pathetic cry baby. What has him crying is the fact that he's been caught in one case after another of political corruption and rank hypocrisy, so he's now wallowing in martyrdom, flailing at unseen enemies who, he insists, have nothing more imporant to do on earth than to try to get poor ol' Tom.

The only one "getting Tom," of course, is Tom. He laundered corrupt corporate money into Texas to rig congressional election districts to enhance his own poltical power, he has taken money in exchange for legislative favors, junketeered on the money of foreign agents, attempted to bribe another member of Congress, and canned the Republican chairman of the ethics committee who had the audacity to reprimand him three times in the past year.

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