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Not Climbing a Tower

I've almost even gotten used to the fact that the side who told the scarier lies won.
Okay, so, it's been a whole week. A whole bad week, may I add. And I finally don't feel like climbing a tower somewhere in Ohio and spraying everything that moves with a high powered rifle anymore. Standing on a stump, maybe. I do still feel like I've been kicked in the gut, but I've kind of gotten used to that. I've also kind of gotten used to the fact that people voted in favor of corporations and against their own better interests because you know what, they always have and they always will.

I've almost even gotten used to the fact that the side who told the scarier lies won. Cuz when it came down to Cheney or Edwards, who would you hire as to keep the kids up at night? You can't use a smurf as a scarecrow. I'll tell you what I haven't quite reconciled: that guy in Iowa who was quoted as saying "I know Iraq is a mess and everything, but I like President Bush because he's a God-fearing man." As well he should be.

I really can't figure out why residents of Fingerbutt, Nebraska are so flipped out about terrorism. Here in San Francisco, you see huge container ships gliding through the Golden Gate every day and you wonder if that's the one that's going to go kablooey under the Bridge and these people live in Fingerbutt for crum's sake? Here's a note: "Hey Fingerbutt, they don't want you or your damn silos." Besides, exactly how do you propose fundamnetalist Muslim suicide bobmbers blend in there? "Hey Jim- Bob, look at that guy over there. He's got a tan on both his arms. That's weird, get a rope."

And let me tell you, I just flat totally fail to understand why folks are so darn upset about the dating habits of men and women twenty states away. You don't like gay marriages? Fine. Refuse to send presents. You want to piss them off? RSVP and then don't show up. It’s got nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with you. And you like that part, right? It's not like a mass migration is planned, unless one of your civic leaders foolishly decides to inaugurate some sort of annual Pierce Brosnan film festival.

Finally, could someone please have the simple common human decency to tell me how this President received the moral authority stamp considering his culpability for the death of over 1000 Americans, not to mention thousands and thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens whom we invaded under false and trumped up pretenses? Huh? Can anybody help me out here? I thought not.

And yes, I also believe the bad guys stole it. Why? Because I know they did, that's why. They're willing to do whatever it takes, and pilferage is obviously what it took. And we will never ever be able to prove it and not only that, we are prohibited from whining about it as well, since we made such a big deal when they stole the last election. Its time to move on and work hard, because it's hard work being the loyal opposition, but I tell you, its a hell of lot easier to pull off with these guys in charge.

Will Durst is working hard but not for the next two weeks. Hello Kona.
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