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Battle the Monsanto Milk Beast

If you think CorporateWorld can't get any more conniving, you've not figured on Monsanto.
If you think CorporateWorld can't get any more conniving, you've not figured on Monsanto.

This is the biotech outfit that's trying to profit by putting its artificial growth hormones into our milk supply. Since consumers overwhelmingly reject this adulteration, Monsanto lobbyists got our government to let this milk be marketed with no labeling of the adulteration, so we milk-buyers won't know what we're getting.

The good news is that several dairies have responded by declaring on their milk cartons: "No Artificial Growth Hormones Used." The bad news is that Monsanto greedheads have unleashed packs of their attack-dog lawyers to sue several of these dairies, claiming that these "No Artificial Hormones" labels are -- get this -- false and misleading, because they might cause you and me to think that natural milk is better for us than milk with Monsanto's additive.

In the first place, I do think that. But, secondly, the dairies are not making any such health claim -- they're merely informing us that the corporate additive is NOT in their milk. What's false or misleading about that?

Nothing, but by simply filing these frivolous lawsuits, Monsanto can intimidate the dairies into changing their labels. It recently succeeded with this bullying tactic against Oakhurst Dairy in Maine. Monsanto was prepared to spend a quarter of a million dollars or more just on lawyers to squeeze Oakhurst. How's a small dairy going to match that?

After fighting for several months, Oakhurst has settled out of court, agreeing to alter its label -- even though Maine public opinion was solidly behind Oakhurst and even though legal analysts say Monsanto's legal case was silly putty.

Oakhurst is the third small dairy that this biotech goliath's money has beaten down, and others are targeted. For the purity of our milk, marketplace and judicial system -- we consumers need to stand against the bully. Call the Organic Consumers Association: 218-226-4164.

Jim Hightower is the best-selling author of 'Thieves In High Places: They've Stolen Our Country And It's Time To Take It Back,' on sale now from Viking Press.
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