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Bush Rewrites the Founders

New laws Bush pushed through congress allow FBI agents to go get your personal financial records -- without your approval or knowledge.
Mixed emotions is what a doctor feels when his wife has begun eating an apple a day.

These days, true conservatives are having mixed emotions about George W, who keeps strengthening the power of the federal police by weakening our right to individual privacy. The latest expansion of Big Brotherism by this so-called conservative president is a new law he pushed through congress allowing FBI agents to go get your personal financial records -- without your approval or knowledge.

The FBI already had been given the autocratic power to snoop through our bank records, but Bush's new law says the Feds can secretly ransack the records held by our stock brokers, car dealers, travel agencies, pawn brokers, casinos, post offices, and all other places that do cash transactions.

Oh, posh and tosh, retort the Bushites, this is only for suspected terrorists, so you have nothing to fear... unless, of course, you're a terrorist. There's the rub. Under their infamous USA Patriot Act, "terrorist" has been so broadly defined that it includes practically anyone that they (or future governments) want to go after. They do not even have to prove to a judge that they have probable cause to think that you are a terrorist -- they simply file a "national security letter" with themselves -- then go to it. All of this is done secretly without you knowing they're digging for dirt on you.

Indeed, Bush pushed his new Big Brother law through a committee that met in secrecy, without bothering to hear any concerns from the public. A guy who calls himself a conservative didn't deem it worthy to consult the people, as he cavalierly rewrote the Fourth Amendment genius of Madison and other authors of one of America's most basic freedoms. One Bush backer in congress dismissed any concern by saying: "This was really just a technical change."

Holy George Orwell -- when they say that expanded police power is just "technical," grab your Bill of Rights and run!
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