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Defending America from Canada

Canada? A people so gentle that their national flag features a maple leaf? What threat are they?
Dick Cheney, Rummy Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and Condi Rice aren't the only fierce hawks in George W's warmongering government, and the Pentagon is not the only federal force that Bush has unleashed to attack a foreign foe in the name of defending "The Homeland." Here's the name of another hawkish generalissimo: Mark B. McClellan.

Who? OK, Mark's a dimmer light in George's galaxy of self-styled "tough guys and gals," but he's no less committed to BushCo's agenda of global empire, in which all other countries are expected to do our bidding... or else. McClellan is Bush's commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, and -- to protect you and me, he says -- he has launched his own war against a rogue nation, that, he says, threatens the very safety of the American people: Canada.

Canada? A people so gentle that their national flag features a maple leaf? What threat are they?

Well, huffs Generalissimo McClellan, Canadian pharmacies sell prescription drugs at prices 30 to 50 percent cheaper than what the drug makers sock us with in America. So? Well, he says, on-line businesses in our country are allowing America's consumers to buy their medicines through Canada, rather than paying the rip-off prices charged here in the Homeland. So? Well, he sputters, the drug industry DoesNotLikeThis, so it must be stopped!

Thus we have the remarkable sight of our FDA commissioner attacking Canada so the drug giants can keep overcharging Americans. Of course, McClellan claims that it's for our own good, because, he says, those dastardly Canadians might be shipping unsafe drugs to us.

In retort, the Canadians note that practically all of the medicines they ship are made by American companies under the FDA's own supervision, and that Canada has excellent drug safety laws.

Mark's not defending us... he's protecting the drug-price gougers -- who happen to be one of Bush's top campaign contributors.
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