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Bye, Bye Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera and the entire 101st Airborne are right outside that giant flat rock with the bird poop on it.
Let me make something perfectly clear. I support our troops. I'm not precisely sure exactly what that means, but hey, if its good, I'm in. If supporting our troops means hoping they all come home safe, then I surely do that. I also support the minesweeping dolphins and I support the collateral damage known as Iraqi civilians and I support poolside banana daiquiris and double cheeseburgers with ketchup, pickles and onions only.

And while we're at it, it's only fair I also reveal what I don't support. I do not support brown recluse spiders. I do not support "Draft Crispin Glover For President" movements. I do not support reclassifying anti-war protestors as terrorists. I do not support the wearing of national blinders in order to prove one's blood is the proper shades of red, white and blue. I also don't support those who don't support those who support the truth.

Like Rumsfeld telling the networks' military experts that by criticizing his little war plan they are endangering our troops. Hey, back off Rummy. Truth is good. Remember. Oppression: bad. Isn't it enough Peter Arnett had his sword broken and branded a traitor for going on Iraqi TV and criticizing our war effort? When it really comes down to it, he didn't say anything different than Retired General Wesley Clark and those other 4 star blowhards.

The Pentagon even went so far as to throw Geraldo Rivera out of Iraq because he drew a map in the sand with his finger. Come on people, a map in the sand with his finger? Might our military officials have over reacted just a tad? I mean announcing locations with GPS coordinates is one thing. Tossing flash cards of imminent attack plans another, but a finger drawn map in the sand: not quite to scale, I'm thinking.

First off, if the Iraqi generals are monitoring Fox News they're in much deeper trouble than we thought. But suppose they are, I sincerely doubt the cry: "Geraldo Rivera and the entire 101st Airborne are right outside that giant flat rock with the bird poop on it" was heard resounding down bunker corridors. Of course, the exponential factor on the upper right hand corner of the irony is, since Iraq kicked out Al Jazeera, it looks like this whole "say as I say you say" deal cuts both ways.

War is heck.

Will Durst senses something is very amiss with that giant flat rock with the bird poop on it.
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