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Can Infidelity Make a Relationship ... Stronger?

The specter of cheating looms large. But does it always have to have catastrophic consequences?

It brought them closer, opened new lines of communication and made for the hottest sex of their life. This life-changing “it” wasn’t a miracle advice book or sexy new lingerie, but an affair. “Honestly, it may sound crazy, but I recommend what happened for every marriage,” says Carissa, a 30-year-old stay-at-home mom from New Jersey. “Well, maybe not exactly infidelity, but you never know how strong you are as individuals and as a couple until you hit rock bottom and you are forced to give up or fight.”

The specter of cheating looms large these days – both in terms of high-profile cheating scandals and disheartening real-world statistics. It’s led some, myself included, to reconsider just how realistic lifelong monogamy really is and whether a better alternative exists. But there’s another story here that deserves telling — that of couples who experience an infidelity and recover from it.