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Why Do Men Visit Strip Clubs? Their Confessions Revealed

A new blog gives voice to guys who empty their pockets just to see naked flesh, and reveals a lot about male desire.

Photo Credit: Lynn Friedman via Flickr

Why do men visit strip clubs? The answer to that question may seem so obvious as to not even warrant asking in the first place, but the new blog Letters From Men Who Go to Strip Clubs” proves just how wrong that assumption is. It’s the brainchild of journalist Susannah Breslin and just the latest in a series of “Letters” projects in which men email her with brief confessionals about why they gravitate toward the sex industry – whether it’s by watching porn at home, trolling Craigslist for a cheap blow job or tucking dollar bills into strippers’ g-strings – some of which she then posts online. The result is essentially open-source sociological data — and some of it is bizarrely poetic.

Tracy Clark-Flory is a staff writer at Salon. Follow @tracyclarkflory on Twitter.