Occupy Wall Street

Live Blog: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Win Battle Against Bloomberg Eviction, At Least 10 Arrested in Clash With Police

AlterNet reports from the scene.

Scroll down for a live stream of Occupy Wall Street tweets.

The brave protesters stationed at Zuccotti Park, renamed Liberty Plaza, have inspired people across the nation and the world to take a stand against Wall St. excesses and demand a more equitable economic and political system for the 99%, not just the 1%. They faced forced eviction today, under the premise that the park needs to undergo cleaning. Representatives of Brookfield, the company that owns the park, sent a letter to police commissioner Ray Kelly asking the NYPD to remove the protesters, but the protesters promised to stay put. Early this morning, the city's Deputy Mayor announced that today's cleanup of Liberty Plaza has been postponed. A victory! After hearing the news, protesters marched through lower Manhattan, where at least 10 were arrested.

AlterNet is reporting from the scene. Here are our live updates from the past several hours. Scroll down to see our tweets from last night through today.

Update 13: The Guardian has a great slideshow of images from this morning, including one of a police officer apparently on the verge of punching a protester. Via The Street, here's video of the incident:

Update 12:Astounding video of the protesters learning about the postponement early this morning, via ThinkProgress:

Update 11:NBC ups the arrest count to "at least 10." NYCLU reports it saw protesters being punched. If you witnessed police misconduct, email [email protected].

Update 10: We're hearing that things are now calm for the most part at Liberty Plaza, though there's still a heavy (and growing?) police presence.

Update 9: Tweets Jonathan Lemire of the Daily News, "[email protected] says Brookfield may still go ahead with cleaning in a couple days. Says would be harder for NYPD to help."

Update 8: According to BreakingNews, 6-7 protesters have been arrested in a "heavy clash" with the police.

Update 7: A photo emerges of one person being arrested. We're hearing reports of white-shirt cops and riot police with netting. Some have batons out.

Update 6: Kristen Gwynne says the marchers are heading back to Liberty Plaza now, chanting "We are the 99%." Meanwhile, the NYCLU tweets that some marchers are heading to South Street Seaport, and that there are paddy wagons on the scene.

Update 5: Riot police are reportedly barricading the gates of City Hall.

Update 4: We're hearing a report of "chaos," from the NYCLU: "Really bad scene at bowling green now, cops running, #ows being thrown to ground, chaos ensues." Stay safe, everyone. More: "Lots of zip ties headed towards broad st. From beaver st." And our Kristen Gwynne reports that there are police in riot gear at Broadway and Murray.

Update 3: Now the crowd is gearing up for a peaceful march on Wall Street, which is reportedly heading north on Broadway right now.

Update 2: The crowd is energized, and is continuing to clean. Tweets Citizen Radio's Allison Kilkenny, "It's just a big party at Liberty Park right now. Many in disbelief. Hundreds were ready to go to jail."

Update 1:The Deputy Mayor announced that this morning's cleanup of Liberty Plaza has been postponed. A victory! Watch an amazing video of the announcement being made via the People's Mic right here above.

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