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How Better Parenting Could Produce Fewer Greedy Bankers and More People Who Care About the Future of the Earth

Avoiding the "mommy and daddy" issues that lead to retail therapy and consumerism, changing how we raise our children could nurture a generation that will actualize sustainability.

Here is a theory: everyone who works for Wall Street has serious mommy and daddy issues. Actually, why not extend that to everyone who supports our current corporatized economic system? Think about it. If we didn't spend our money filling the hole in our souls with retail therapy and went to actual therapy instead, we wouldn't be living in a trashcan of a world. Maybe if we changed how we raised our children we could nurture a generation that would actualize true sustainability and economic rationality. Picture the possibility of transforming the world through parenting our kids in a way that prioritizes peace over power, longevity over profit, community over greed. And maybe those children of the future could be wearing those spiffy silver space suits made from recycled tinfoil.

Let's take a minute to really look at how our current system works. Companies make products, but in order for a company to make money they have to stay competitive with the other companies who make the same products. The way they do that is by cutting cost at every possible juncture. They use the cheapest stuff they can get away with and pay people as little as possible, so you end up buying crap made by people who are paid crap. And rather than lose you as a customer, the crap you buy is built to last only the least amount of time you will tolerate and still buy more. I mean I love children, but they are really horrible at sewing because my H&M dress doesn't last more than one washing before it starts coming apart.

So quality, sustainability, and longevity are enemies to corporate America. All Wall Street cares about is the bottom line because they have fiduciary responsibility to their investors to prioritize profit over the health of the earth and the people on it. Considering we are currently living on a planet with FINITE resources this is a serious problem. I don't know about you, but I didn't buy a timeshare on Mars, and I think it would be a better idea to actually respect the resources we have left.

So the question is why? Why is money more important then our survival?

My answer is bad parenting. The human race is sprinting towards its own destruction because we think that money will make us feel better about our mommy and daddy never loving us enough or teaching us how to love ourselves. It is not your mom and dad's fault, or even their parents'. We are talking about generations of people who have not figured out that nothing will make you feel emotionally fulfilled if you are not genuinely emotionally fulfilled on your own. Maybe the 99% of us so blindly support the 1% because we spend our adult lives resenting our parents and trying to find happiness through material possessions, power over others, success in our jobs, and looking at pictures of each other's vacations on Facebook.

Think of how many parents work 80 hours a week to give their children everything when all their kids really want is their time and attention. Of course this is a conundrum because without money you can't pay for your kids' education, and without an education your kids can't get a good job, and without a good job your kids can't make money. We are doing our best to provide for ourselves and our children in this competitive world, but the sad part is that it may all be for nothing. Maybe it doesn't matter what college you go to or if you are a successful Day Trader - if you can't experience true intimacy. Is a life of excess any better than a life of struggle if you don't know what love is?

When you look at pictures of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, don't they look like they are happy? Okay, fine, not when they are being maced, beaten, and arrested, but when they are speaking their minds and hearts about wanting to live in a different world. These people realize something fundamental and profound that is worth hearing even if the mainstream media refuses to care. The way were are living makes no sense and it is more reasonable to sleep on the streets and play the Djembe drum then to continue supporting a system that is cannibalizing itself. In order for us to change the world, we first have to change how we parent our children and breed more crazy hippies who take to the streets and demand a better future.

Toni Nagy writes for the blog, an amazing blog about Toni Nagy. Toni went to Sarah Lawrence College and got on the pre-professional track of making tons of money by majoring in philosophy and dance. She currently lives in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire where she is raising hell and her baby. She has written many text messages, is known to respond to most emails, and has been published by
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