Help Us Name and Shame the Climate Cranks Sabotaging Our Environment

We're taking action to call out the climate cranks, shift the climate debate in Washington and, yeah, we're looking to make news. Join us!

For years, climate "skeptics" have denied the near-unanimous scientific consensus around global warming in an effort to delay action.  

They're not "skeptics" -- they're cranks, and it's time to unmask those who are holding our nation's climate policy hostage. We're taking action to call out the climate cranks, shift the climate debate in Washington and, yeah, we're looking to make news.

Will you join us?

AlterNet is partnering with environmental author Mark Hertsgaard and other activist groups to name and shame the climate cranks sabotaging our nation's response to climate change. On Tuesday, February 15, Mark (contributor to The Nation and author of the new book, HOT: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth) and the rest of the team will head to Capitol Hill, the Fox TV bureau, the Chamber of Commerce and other hotbeds of climate denial. Their goal? Put the climate cranks on the spot and make them explain -- on camera and in front of kids -- why they have condemned the young people of "Generation Hot" (as Mark calls them), to spending the rest of their lives coping with the hottest climate in human history.  

When every credible scientific organization in the world disagrees with them, why are these cranks still insisting that climate change is a hoax? And why does the mainstream media keep giving the cranks a pass on their anti-scientific nonsense?

Want to help? Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Visit the Facebook page for Generation Hot. Post your suggestions for which cranks to target, what questions to ask, and how to use this action to transform the climate conversation in this country. 
  2. Post your questions and crank suggestions via Twitter, using the hashtag #climatecranks.
  3. Learn more about Mark and why he is fighting back by watching this short video with his 5 year old daughter Chiara, a member of Generation Hot, and reading his Nation article. And don't forget to buy a copy of his book, HOT. 

Video of their encounters with the cranks will be shared after the fact with both mainstream and alternative media and circulated through the vast social networks of the participating organizations. Our goal is to wake up the mainstream media and generate renewed public pressure to prevent the climate cranks from further sabotaging the fight against global warming.

Let's call 'em out!

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