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A Compendium of the Corrupt Politicians and Corporate Campaign Cash Flooding This Election

A round-up of the key articles AlterNet has run on the slimy goings on in our elections process.

Campaign cash is trading hands at a record pace and corruption is rife in the 2010 election. And  meanwhile, the details of who is giving to whom becomes all the more opaque in the wake of the disastrous Citizens Unitedruling by the Supreme Court, allowing corporations to plow hundreds of millions directly into the process. Meanwhile, candidates across the country with long histories of corrupt pay-to-play tactics are running for office. AlterNet has been on the front lines of money and politics reporting this election.

In his article latest article "Bailed-Out Companies Spending Big Money to Elect Politicians They Favor," staff writer Joshua Holland writes that the 23 companies that received a billion dollars or more in TARP funds gave $1.4 million dollars to candidates in September alone.

Here's a round-up of the key articles AlterNet has run on the political corruption and tidal wave of corporate money flooding our democracy:

12 of America's Most Crooked Candidates on the Ballot in the 2010 Election

by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

In Wake of Citizens United Ruling, Democratic Rep Considers Impeaching Chief Justice John Roberts

By John Nichols, The Nation

Corporate Hijacking of Our Elections Is Well Under Way, with Foreign Companies Chipping in to Destroy Our Democracy

By Joshua Holland / AlterNet  

8 Ways to Fight the Right-Wingers and Corporations Buying Off Our Government

By Robert B. Reich / Robert Reich's Blog  

Out-of-State Billionaire Oil Barons Pour Seven Figures into California's Climate-Killing Prop 23

By Scott Thill, AlterNet

How the Chamber of Commerce Allegedly Laundered Millions in Charity Dollars to Beat Back Financial Reform and Reelect Republicans

By Joshua Holland / AlterNet

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