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Beware of Republican Reformers

Did you ever think you'd see the day when Republicans in Washington would turn soft on crime?
Did you ever think you'd see the day when Republicans in Washington would turn soft on crime?

You would expect pigs to fly before George W and his GOP allies in congress would rush to the defense of the criminals in our society. But there they are, wailing about the need to protect some of America's worst lawbreakers from the victims of crime.

Of course, it's not the street thugs that are the object of their Republican sympathy but the corporate thugs who mug, injure, and kill way more people than street criminals do. Bush and Co. want us to feel sorry for the poor corporations who get caught in their crimes, and the GOP is pushing a whole raft of bills that will make prosecuting these criminals more difficult, to give special breaks to corporate killers, and soften the punishment for these crooks.

They have a nice, gentile, euphemism for their plan to go soft on corporate crime: "Lawsuit Reform," they call it, claiming that the victims of such crime are the enemy, that the victims have too much power and need to be limited in their legal rights to sue the bastards and bring them to justice.

For example, these Republicans -- who, ironically, masquerade as conservatives -- want to federalize "class-action" suits. These lawsuits allow us little guys who've been victimized by a powerful corporations to team up, pool our resources, and take the crooks to court. The Bushites, however, want to remove all of these cases from state courts and put them in federal courts, where the rules are stacked against us victims and in favor of the corporate perpetrators. We the People are not crying for this "reform" that, after all, will hurt us. The only ones pushing for it are corporate lobbyists that want their guilty clients to be able to walk away from their wrongdoing.

Lawsuit reform is to "reform" what a tornado is to trailer park "beautification." And the Bushites trying to ram this through congress aren't conservatives, they're corporate whores.
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